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The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance

Malmaison Virtual Tour


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Napoleon on His Imperial Throne

Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne
By Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

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The Pagan Roots of Christmas

Parts of our Christmas celebrations have roots in Pagan Roman festivals Saturnalia, Sol Invictus & the Calends.

See a short video from here.

Vespasian’s Villa Found


From the article:
The summer villa of Roman Emperor Vespasian has been found in the Sabine hill country northeast of Rome, Italian archaeologists announced today.

Titus Flavius Vespasianus is known for rebuilding the Roman Empire following the tumultuous reign of Emporer Nero. Vespasian changed the face of Rome by launching a major public works program, which included the construction of the Colosseum, the structure that arguably defines the glory of ancient Rome.

Dating back to the first century A.D., the massive villa, adorned with mosaic floors, baths and marbled halls, has emerged following four years of digs near the town of Cittareale, in the province of Rieti.

The villa not only is located near the place of Vespasian’s birth at Falacrinae (Vicus Phalacrinae), but also may be the site where he is said to have died.

Read the article here.

Church of Maria Treu


Piaristenkirche Maria Treu.
See an awesome 360 Gigapixel imageĀ here.

There are other Gigapixel imagesĀ images here.

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