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Cute and Heroic Proportion

proportion_comparisonHeads high:

Normal: 7.5
Heroic: 8-8.5+
Cute: 5.5-6.5

Mitochondrial DNA Study Reveals Origins of Minoan Civilization

The study highlights the high affinity of the Minoans to the current inhabitants of the Lassithi plateau of Crete as well as Greece. This image shows Minoan Palace of Knossos (Bernard Gagnon / CC BY-SA 3.0)

From the website:
A new study reported in the journal Nature Communications indicates that the Minoans, who 5,000 years ago established the first advanced Bronze Age civilization in present-day Crete, probably were descendents of the first Neolithic humans to reach the island around 7,000 BC and that they have the greatest genetic similarity with modern European populations.

Myths and Heroes


From the website:
Host Michael Wood takes an epic journey, following in the path of the Queen of Sheba, searching for Shangri-La in Tibet, untangling the tales of King Arthur’s Celtic Brittan and tracing the trek of Jason who sought the Golden Fleece.

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From the website:
Join Michael Wood as he sails back half a millennium to a time when the Americas were “new” and Spain was a superpower, a nation of crusading adventurers whose quest for gold, land and souls destroyed ancient civilizations and created the modern globe.

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The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance

Malmaison Virtual Tour


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Roger Scruton – Why Beauty Matters

Western Paradigm