What is a Creativist?


I found this explanation of what a “Creativist” is and it is the best explanation I have been able to find. I think it sums it up clearly, it defines a spirit that is diminishing in our modern era and I think this diminution is a sign of the decline of mankind in general.

From timothyfalconer.com
A creativist is a human being with a heart-felt need to make things. However this need arises, it drives the creativist to write fiction, paint landscapes, compose symphonies, design computer programs, build sailboats, devise political systems … whatever is imaginable. Creativists use creativity to make things that are altogether new. They hope the fruit of their efforts will have lasting influence, and that their ideas will benefit all people. Creativists want to live on through their work. They’d also like to reap some reward while alive.

Sadly today’s society does not place enough emphasis on ingenuity and evolutionary thought. People are afraid of change. Our social environment rewards what has been successful in the past. Today most creative minds are forced to work within the confines of a consumer culture geared to get the little guy to pay his measly earnings for whatever product attracts attention. The best music, the best writing, the best planning, the best filmmaking, the best graphic design, goes toward the buy and sell of the business world. Art for art’s sake is left to the wealthy, the funded elite, the universities, the dedicated poor, and the many part-time creativists who must keep “real jobs” in order to survive.

Read the rest of the article here.


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