Gladiators to return to Rome


From the article:
Umberto Broccoli, the archaeologist in charge of the Colosseum, said that he is planning to bring the gladiatorial clashes of ancient Rome to the modern Italian capital as part of a “serious project” to revive interest in its monuments and museums.

Whereas the gladiators who entertained ancient Roman crowds in the huge amphitheatre often battled to the death, today’s fighters will engage in mock battles.

While sparing their opponents from injury, those aspiring to follow Russell Crowe’s heroics in the film Gladiator will nonetheless wear authentic helmets and body armour and wield the same swords, tridents, nets and daggers that were used in ancient times.

The modern-day gladiators could be drawn from Rome’s “gladiator school”, whose 200 members spend their weekends dressed in sandals and breast plates and learning ancient fighting techniques.

“We fight each other in a way that is as authentic as possible, without hurting each other,” said Sergio Iacomoni, the president of the historical society that runs the school.

“A judge decides the winner when one adversary manages to land what is considered a mortal blow. Lots of people are interested in the fights, particularly American tourists and kids.”

Read the article here.

This could be awesome if its’s done right.


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