Cosmology: Top 10 articles from 2008

From the article:

Understanding the origin and nature of the universe has been a goal of humans since they first lifted their eyes to the night sky. In the past decade, results that should help us to answers these questions have been pouring in, as cosmology has turned from a theoretical field to an experimental science.

Since its redesign last month, New Scientist has been making the last 12 months’ articles free for everyone to read. Here, in case you missed them, are our top 10 in-depth articles on cosmology

Why Einstein was wrong about relativity

The void: Imprint of another universe?

The hunt for the Un-universe

2008: Does time travel start here?

Is dark matter mystery about to be solved?

Dark energy may just be a cosmic illusion

Black holes may lurk in unexpected places

Inflation deflated: the big bang’s toughest test

Lithium: The hole in the big bang theory

Awaiting a messenger from the multiverse

Read the articles here.


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