Weird Geniuses

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

I have always wondered about the men who take things to the next level. Whether in the Sciences or the arts how do these great thinkers differ in their way of thinking and could their abilities be related to what today would be considered mental disorder. When thinking on this issue I have also wondered how many people today might have come up with some great thing but were disconnected from that special part of their mind by modern drugs so that they might appear normal.

Society demands its citizens act normal, a certain way of doing things that allows people to function in relative harmony.  So is a modern drug that helps a person think and act more normal a good thing? If a high percentage of the population were non-conforming eccentric thinkers Society would probably fall apart. You need normal people to have a society, you need that relative harmony.

So who can be weird and who needs to be normal. Have we snuffed out glorious possibilities so that some weird kid somewhere would sit still in school? If you think about this issue and look at all the possibilities is gets pretty interesting.

On that note here is an interesting article that gets to the heart of the issue, the weird geniuses.
John Nash
Edgar Allan Poe
Ludwig van Beethoven
Isaac Newton


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