Robotic suit could usher in super soldier era

From the article:
Rex Jameson bikes and swims regularly, and plays tennis and skis when time allows. But the 5-foot-11, 180-pound software engineer is lucky if he presses 200 pounds—that is, until he steps into an “exoskeleton” of aluminum and electronics that multiplies his strength and endurance as many as 20 times.

With the outfit’s claw-like metal hand extensions, he gripped a weight set’s bar at a recent demonstration and knocked off hundreds of repetitions. Once, he did 500.

“Everyone gets bored much more quickly than I get tired,” Jameson said.

Jameson—who works for robotics firm Sarcos Inc. in Salt Lake City, which is under contract with the U.S. Army—is helping assess the 150-pound suit’s viability for the soldiers of tomorrow. The suit works by sensing every movement the wearer makes and almost instantly amplifying it.

The Army believes soldiers may someday wear the suits in combat, but it’s focusing for now on applications such as loading cargo or repairing heavy equipment. Sarcos is developing the technology under a two-year contract worth up to $10 million, and the Army plans initial field tests next year.

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1 Response to “Robotic suit could usher in super soldier era”

  1. 1 Decoader April 14, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    This is so impractical that I can’t even describe. It will take at least ten to twenty years in order to create practical robotic aid. And even then, it will take even longer to figure out any practical form of power for the thing. As far as I can see. It could be up to 50-80 years before a this sort of thing is even ready for actual testing in a military situation. This is a nice side project, but it seems it would be better just to make an effort to make the state of peace throughout the world more stable. If things get out of hand, this could help out. But it is still a long way off. And i mean a LONG way.

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