Video simulates a spectacular supernova

From the article:
Simulating spectacular supernovae could help unlock some of the darkest secrets of the cosmos, say scientists. They are using the world’s fastest supercomputer – the Argonne Blue Gene/P – to model exploding stars.

During these video simulations a seemingly innocuous yellow dot appears in the centre of the star. The dot stretches and mushrooms into a gigantic ball of nuclear energy, pushing through to the surface of the star, blistering out and eventually enveloping the star in an immense nuclear deflagration. Watch a video of one of the simulations here.

In reality the process would take less than five seconds and yield an unimaginable quantity of energy. The energy released during the detonation alone is equivalent to 1,027 hydrogen bombs.

The whole process of simulating a supernova takes three days using the Argonne Blue Gene/P (BGP) supercomputer, but would take around 1,000 years using an ordinary desktop computer.

Read the rest of the article and see the video here.


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