Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn’t the Beginning

Read the article here.

You cant judge a person by one measly article, but if I had to judge Turolk by this one I would say he is a typical dead weight thinker. First of all, like most Physicists, his explanation of “no beginning” is lame. Physicists seem to always avoid making any definitive statements on these key issues. It is much the same when they are asked if the universe has an end and if so what’s beyond that. Basically they don’t know, but they sure have a lot of bullshit they like to throw out. It would be more refreshing to hear one of them say “we don’t know”.

Second, when he says, “most physicists prefer that there was not a creation event, because there are no laws of physics that indicate how time could begin” it’s as if he instantly stops being a scientist and wants the data to conform to theory. Isn’t it the job of a scientist to find answers and not to seek solutions that fit their theory no matter how doctrinal and imbedded the foundation that theory is based on might be? Who cares that the prescribed canon works for everything up to a beginning point, what have you done for me lately?

Thirdly he says “I don’t see science as relevant to the question of whether or not there’s a God” and also “Science studies how the world operates, not why it’s here.”  I shouldn’t even have to point out how impotent that statement is. He seems to be so tightly bound to an atheistic scientific view that he can’t imagine science (or the end result of science) and god might be the same thing, especially when seeking singularity.

Fourthly, he seems to reject beauty, structure and meaning in nature when asked “To many people, science is valuable because of the metaphors it gives us — a poetry of the natural world” and then he responds, “We need poetry as well as science, but it’s completely irrelevant to the science. That doesn’t motivate me either.” Man, this guy seems to take nothing else from any other part of the creative world and see any kind of connection what so ever, he seems like the ultimate numbers nerd, very short sighted even with his new anti big bang theory. I would put money down that a more well rounded man will come up with bigger more unique and yet plausible theories. Think ancient Greeks.

I hope that eventually it is discovered that our physics is not the physics of the entire universe, to see this guy squirm would be priceless. Don’t get me wrong, I think physicists work is important but it is almost painful to read this article and to not be disappointed that Turolk seems so one-dimensional. Western thinkers are shriveling up and if Turolk is a light of Western thought there would be no better proof.


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