The Future of Europe?

I think this post about how chimpanzees make choices that protect their self-interest more consistently than do humans says a lot about modern Western mans willingness to destroy himself. Within that context the following seems well said and provides a glimmer of hope.

What the future holds for Europe and its peoples? Well, it is very likely Europe will continue on its ever-accelerating decline into cultural oblivion. However, despite of the grim prospects ahead of us, Europe still possesses some elements necessary for a rebirth. If European countries are to have a future, they must, in some post-postmodern form at least, remanifest their cultural traditions and myths that have sustained them in the past. Now that Russia, “the other Europe”, is again heeding its Faustian impulses and has given birth to a new nationalism, one can only hope that a similar kind of elan vital would sweep over Europe in the coming years. Like Russia, Northern and Western European countries should put their own culture, identity, and potential destiny before everything else. While this is very unlikely, this is the future I would like to see for Europe.

See the post here.


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