Pluto Probe’s Jupiter Flyby Found Moon, Planetary Surprises


From the article:
NASA’s New Horizons probe, on its way to a rendezvous with Pluto, spent several months earlier this year observing Jupiter while using the big planet’s gravitational field to sling itself into the outer solar system.

Some of the stunning views snapped by the probe were released earlier in the year, along with descriptions of powerful volcanic activity on the moon Io, tiny moons in the planet’s rings, and new information on the Little Red Spot, three powerful storms that have merged over the past 10 years, that now cover a territory about 70 percent as broad as the diameter of the earth.

Now this week, scientists are presenting detailed reports on their findings at an American Astronomical Society meeting in Florida, along with a special section on their work to be published in the Oct. 12 issue of Science.

Read the article here.


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