Scientists understand 4% of the universe

From the article:

Most of the universe — 96 percent, to be exact — is made of dark matter and energy whose composition we simply do not fathom, a Nobel laureate told physicists gathered this week to explore the intersection of the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

“We think we understand the universe, but we only understand four percent of everything,” said James Watson Cronin, who won the 1980 Nobel for physics by proving that certain subatomic reactions escape the laws of fundamental symmetry.

According the most recent models, he said, 73 percent of cosmic energy seems to consist of “dark energy” and 23 percent of dark matter, the pervasive but unidentified stuff that holds the universe together and accelerates its expansion.

The remaining four percent consists of so-called “normal matter” such as atoms and molecules.

Read the article here.


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